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Northern Tours 2 nights and 3 days

Sites and National Park:

  • Ankarana Nature Reserve: Great Reserve and Gray Tsingy with Suspension Bridge and River Loss
  • The Red Tsingy and the Canyon
  • National Park of Amber Mountain with small waterfalls
  • Cocoa plantations

Program and Timing

Day 1
Departure from the hotel at 7:00 am with a taxi to the Port of Nosy-Be Hell-Ville during  time 15 mn
Boarding in a private and private fast boat to reach Grande Terre  Duration of the transfer  45mn to the Port of Ankify
Departure from Ankify to the Region of Cacao Duration of the journey 25mn and Visit during 1 hours
Departure from the Cacao Region to the Village of Mahamasina (Ankarana) Distance 125km, Travel time 2h 45mn.
Meals in a restaurant in the Village
Departure after meals for TSYNGY RED and the Canyon Distance 60km, Travel time 1h 30mn, Visit for 1h 40mn
Just after visit, departure to Joffre-Ville where is the AMBER MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK  Distance 75km, Travel time 2h 15mn.
Dinner and overnight at THE LITCHI TREE.
Day 2
From 8:00 am, visit AMBER MONTAINE National Park with the waterfalls Visit for 4h30
Lunch at a restaurant in downtown Diego-Suarez.
From 14:00 in the afternoon, departure from Diego-Suarez towards Ankarana Distance 85 km and during  3h 25mn time.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel RELAIS ANKARANA
Day 3
From 7:00 am 7 am beginning of the ANKARANA RESERVE with TSINGY GRAY, Suspension Bridge and River Loss Visit for 4 hours
At 12:00 Lunch in a restaurant in the village of Ankarana.  
At 14:00 in the afternoon departure for the transfer to the Port of Ankify Distance 135 km, Journey time 3 hours
From 16:15 Private boat transfer to the Port of Nosy-Be Hell-Ville Duration of the  transfer  45mn
From 17:10 transfer to the hotel.  


  • Transfer from the hotel to the harbor :Day 1 et Day 3
  • Special boat for transfer from :Day 1 et Day 3
  • Air-conditioned 4WD car during the tour from: D-1 to D-3
  • Fuel for the car during the Circuits
  • Driver
  • Hotel and Breakfast
  • Guide and Accompaniment
  • Local Guide in the Parks
  • Entry fee or visit fee for each site
  • Unlimited water bottle for each guest per day


  • Meals and dinners are at the guests’ expense.
  • During trips customers are allowed to stop and make or take pictures the times they want
  • The timing and the program can be modified according to the preferences of the customers.
  • Clients should wear walking shoes, light clothing, sunscreen and torch light


In total for 3 days of tour. 420 € per  person