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After image Lac sacré
Before image Tsingy rouge

Tour North 5 nights and 6 days

Site and National Park:

  • Ankarana National Park : sacred cave of  bats
  • Ankarana National Park : Thehe great Tsingy Gray with suspension bridge and tne lose River
  • The Red Tsingy and Canyon
  • The AMBER MOUNTAIN National Park  with the 2  waterfalls
  • The 3 BAYS  (Bay sakalava, dune, pigeon) and baobabs
  • Plantations  of CACAO  and spices and ylang ylang of Madagascar
  • The sea Emerald
  • The Sacred Lake

Program and Timing

Day 1
departure from the hotel at 7am to the Port of nosy-be Hell-Ville . Boarding in a speed  boat individual and private join the Mainland (during travel 45 min).
Starting ankify to the village of Mahamasina (Ankarana) .
Meals in a restaurant in the village.
Departure after meals for RED TSINGY  and Canyon .visite during 2h, at the same day departure for Joffre-Ville. Dinner and overnight in LITCHI TREE .
Day 2
At  8:00 o’clock , visit AMBER MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK  with waterfalls (visit during 3h 30) 
Lunch in allamanda restaurant Diego,
and the afternoon city tour. Visit history and the Port military Diego-Suarez .
Dinner and overnight ALLAMANDA  Diego-Suarez.
Day 3
EXCURSION  Tour and bathing to the  Emerald Sea  (boat typical Diego). typical meal Malagasy (lobster, Rice Coco, fish grilled)
and the afternoon visit of the  3 BAYS  (Bay sakalava, Bay dune, Bay pigeon)
 and Baobabs found especially in the North of Madagascar. visit during 3h 40mn.
Dinner and overnight ALLAMANDA HOTEL .
Day 4
Departure at  8 o’clock from Diego to the SACRED LAKE ANTAGNAVO, visit during 1 hour 20 minutes. 
After visit starting to Ankarana; Meals restaurant Relais Ankarana.
In afternoon  14:30 visit the SACRED CAVE  (bats and bald mouse), visit during less than 3 hours .
Dinner and overnight RELAIS ANKARANA HOTEL 
Day 5
Long visit the ANKARANA NATIONAL PARK  with small tsingy and large tsingy (Gray) with the suspension bridge, loss of River.
Dinner and overnight RELAIS ANKARANA
Day 6
Departure at 8 o’clock  am starting towards the Capitale Région of CACAO .
Visit field of CACAO  and spices. visit during 2 hour time.
Meals restaurant Baobab Lodge ankify . 

Of 3:30 pm of the afternoon boarding in a  speed boat to the transfer to the Port of Nosy-Be Hell-Ville and immediately boarding in a car for transfer to the hotel.

Arrival at the hotel to 17:15 of the afternoon.


  • Transfer drive from hotel and Port: from day-1 and day-6
  • Boat special transfer: day-1 and day-6
  • Car 4×4 or Jeep  air-conditioned during the Tour
  • Fuel for the car during the Circuit
  • Driver
  • Hotel – Breakfast 
  • Guide and accompanying
  • Local guide
  • Parks entry fee for each site  
  • Water bottle unlimited for each client by day excursion,
  • The boat and meals for the  Emerald Sea, 
  • meals (lobster, fish grilled and Rice Coco


  • Meals and diners are charged to customers.
  • During trips customers are allowed to stop and make or take photos times they want.
  • The Timing and the program are modifiable according to customer preferences.
  • Customers must wear walking shoes, clothing light, sunscreen and lamp torch..

Rate Tour

Delivery Price
benefits circuits in total for 6 days circuits  680 € per person

Minimum 2 people.

Prices are varied according to the numbers of people.