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Circuit Nosy Be – Diego during 12 Nights and 13 Days

Site and National Park:

  • Ankarana National Park : sacred cave of  bats
  • Ankarana National Park : The great Tsingy Gray with suspension bridge and the lose River
  • The Red Tsingy and Canyon
  • The AMBER MOUNTAIN National Park  with the 2  waterfalls
  • The 3 BAYS  (Bay sakalava, dune, pigeon) and baobabs 
  • Plantations  of CACAO  and spices and ylang ylang of Madagascar
  • The sea Emerald
  • The Sacred Lake
  • City tour of Diego-Suarez
  • Nosy komba / Nosy tanikely (Island of lemurs and Marine Reserve of Madagascar)
  • Nosy Sakatia (Island natural Piscine  of sea turtles)
  • Nosy Iranja (both Islands connected by a long White sand measuring 950 meters) bivouac on the Island 1 nights 2 days tours full of the Island

Program and Timing

Day 1
At the morning , Reception  in the  airport , transfer to the hotel is located in front of the sugar loaf sacred.
of 9:00, beginning of the city tour of Diego-Suarez visit during 1 hour 30 minutes
11:00, starting to the fishing village called RAMENA distance 20km and journey during 45mn
Meals  in the fishing village in a restaurant  seaside.  
Departure for visiting the 3 BAYS, with  the smaller baobabs of the world and the largest Baobab Diego-Suarez.

Visit and walk Bay Sakalava (the second largest Bay of the world), crossing Bay pigeons and at the end swimming Bay Dune.

Return at the hotel to 5:455 pm.  Dinner and overnight in BAY HOTEL
Throughout the day (from 8:00 to 17:00) with a boat typically Malagasy as a means of transportation. 
departure from the hotel at 8:00 am with the car to the village of brought which is located 18 km from the hotel. journey during 25 min
Boarding in a boats  typically Malagasy to the Island Diego where is the sea Emerald. On the Island Beach and snorkeling. journey in 1 hour
Of 12:30 meals peak lunch and typical on the sea.  
Back to 3:30 pm, arrive at the hotel to 5:005 pm.  Dinner and overnight in BAY HÔTEL
Day 3
8:00 am from Diego-Suarez to the JOFFRE-VILLE  where is the AMBER MOUNTAIN  National Park . distance 45 km and journey during 1h
Installation and set-up luggage at the hotel.  
At 9: 30; beginning to visit and trekking for the AMBER MOUNTAIN  National Park . Visit during 4h30mn
Meals in the restaurant Dinner and overnight LITCHI TREE
Day 4
Day-4 8:00 am starting to RED TSINGY  which is located 72 km from Diego-Suarez journey during 3h 20 minutes
Visit during 2h time.
Just after the visit, meals in a restaurant on the road.
At the same time, starting to the city of Anivorano where is the sacred LAKE of Antagnavo which is located
54 km journey in 1 hour 40 minutes
Visit Lake and observations crocodiles  visit during 1h
Starting to the village of the Ankarana which is located.
Dinner and overnight RELAIS ANKARANA 
38 km journey during 1 hour
Day 5
At 7:30 am beginning long visit the ANKARANA NATIONAL PARK  (with the small Tsingy and the great Tsingy Gray, the suspension bridge, loss of River, the Forest of ankarana). Visit during 5 hours 45 min
of 12:30 after visit, back to village (pause meals in a diner typical in aurélien)  
At 2:00 o’clock  of the afternoon, beginning tour SACRED CAVE  where can be found 5 species bats. 

Dinner and overnight RELAIS ANKARANA

visit during 2 hour.
Day 6
At 8:30 am starting village of ankarana to the Region and the capital of CACAO  distance 135 km and journey during 3 hours’ time
Beginning tour Plantations of CACAO  and spices of Madagascar visit during 2 hour  time
Meals in the restaurant Baobab and , Dinner and overnight BAOBAB ANKIFY which is located at the seaside to ankify.
Day 7:Transfer speed boat to Nosy be
From Baobab to the Port of Nosy-Be Hell-Ville journey during 45 min
Transfer Port to the village of Ambatoloaka distance 9 km and journey during 20 min
meals and dinner in a restaurant diner in the village and night at the hotel in GÉRARD ET FRANCINE
Day 8: Day calm and day break night
Day calm and day break night at the hotel inGÉRARD ET FRANCINE
Nosy Komba: is one of largest Island that around nosy be .it is an Island to lemurs . The island  measuring 26 km² and 622 meters and it is home to +4000 people who are repartee in 8 villages. The Island is the capital craft of Nosy be.
Nosy Tanikely : it’s Island in Marine Reserve of Madagascar. Island host  all species of fish and Coral in the world. It’s an Island special for snorkeling. that’s one of smaller Island to Nosy be.
Boarding in a speed  boat collective to the Beach in front of the hotel management to Nosy komba (journey during 25 min and visit during 2 pm time) .
First  visit animals and then visit the villages and shops craft (opportunity to buy ).
Starting  11: 00; boarding in the boat to Nosy tanikely (journey during 15mn); bathing and snorkelling in MTP (Fins  mask snorkels) to observe the different species of Coral and fish in the world.
Of 12:30 meals peak lunch and typical Nosy be on Beach.
Return at the hotel to 16: 00 day . Night at the hotel in GÉRARD ET FRANCINE
Day 10: Excursion and Bivouac 1 night and 2 days Nosy Iranja
Nosy Iranja: are 2 Islands connected by a long White sand measuring 1,2km. Island host species of turtles Navy. it’s an Island which is a can away from nosy be.
8: 30 am, boarding in a speed  boat

collective direction to Iranja Island

distance 45 km and journey during 1h15 min
Arriving on the Island swimming and visit of the Village ;
of 5:15 pm observation Sunset on the Mountain at the top headlight.
of 7:307 pm dinner in the village
At 9:00 pm observation turtles Marine rising on the Beach to lay eggs. 
night in the CAMPAIGN  Bungalow
Day 11
 8:00 am breakfast
9:00 observation of the outbreak of baby turtles.
At 12:30 meals on the Beach.
2:30 O’clock  boarding in the speed  boat for the return;
Arrive at the hotel to 5:00 o’clock pm.
night at the hotel in night at the hotel in GÉRARD ET FRANCINE
Tour of the Island around the Island is visited almost 70% of nosy be and to visit the sites following (the tree sacred able 5000m², lemuria Land and the distillery of ylang ylang, Hell-Ville  and its covered market, the House of slaves, the Cascade sacred, meals and Beach Andilana Beach, Lakes volcanic are around the Mountain Mont passot, mounted at the top of Mont passot to see the panoramic view of nosy be (view 360 °) and wait for the Sunset).
The visit is 8:00 to 18:15
night at the hotel in GÉRARD ET FRANCINE


  • Transfer drive from hotel and Port: from day-1 and day-6
  • Boat special transfer: day-1 and day-6
  • Car 4×4 or Jeep  air-conditioned during the Tour
  • Fuel for the car during the Circuit
  • Driver
  • Hotel – Breakfast
  • Excursion and 1 night bivouac to Iranja Island
  • Guide and accompanying
  • Local guide
  • Parks entry fee for each site
  • Water bottle unlimited for each client by day excursion.
  • The boat and meals for the  Emerald Sea,  meals (lobster, fish grilled and Rice Coco)
  • Equipment for snorkeling MTP (fins, mask, snorkels)
  • Excursion to Nosy Komba / Nosy Tanikely


  • International Air flight
  • Personal needs
  • Tips


  • Meals and diners are charged to customers
  • During trips customers are allowed to stop and make or take photos times they want.
  • The Timing and the program are modifiable according to customer preferences.
  • Customers must wear walking shoes, clothing light, sunscreen and lamp torch.


Delivery Price
Delivery price in total 1360 € per person

Minimums 2 people.
Prices are varied according to the number of people.