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Lokobe Natural Reserve

Departure from your hotel directly with a car, you crossing the large city of Hell-Ville  to go directly to a fishing village called (Ambatozavavy).  Drive during the  50 minutes.

From the village boarding  with Pirogue (or a Canoe ) for transportation and cross in the middle of Magrove forests, direction the next fishing Village where is the natural  Lokobe Reserve. During  35 minutes.

On arriving at the Village  we do a little 15-minute pause. After that we go to visit the forest .

Visit for3 hours .

During the course visit you will see the different biodiversity like  fauna and flora very different from the other park. For example,  You will see all the following things:

 Flora : various medicinal plants, different vine with pods, palm trees, wild vanilla, wild pineapple.

 Fauna : different species of animals as –

-Cameleon pentheur or furlsufer pardalus – Minima Brochesia: the smallest chameleon in the world

– Uroplatus : nocturnal gecko or the king of camouflage that sticks to the trees

– different reptiles like the big green lizard Madagascar ( Felsuma madagascariensis) and other lizard as Zaunauzaurus

– Different species of snakes Boa (ancratophus), boa (singinuant) of the smallest frogs in the world that are endemic to Madagascar and many other animals yet.

 – 2 lemurs species: Eulemur macaco Macaco are urn has 2 different color (black male and female maroon):

– Epulemur dorsalus which are nocturnal and gray colors


At 12:30 after the visit ;Time Lunch in the sea side at the Village.

Relax and a little time beach.

At 3:00 pm boarding with the Canoe for come back to the fishing village to join the Car.

Boarding with the car and drive to  Hell-Ville  (drive during 50 mn).

Arriving in the Port  of  Hell-Ville at 4:50 pm


-Transfer By car from the  Hotel to fishing village 

– Canoe  ( Pirogue)  for transferring the fishing village to natural reserve

– Guide


– Visit

– Lunch



= 55 € per person.